New Projects

Proposed Liquid Storage Terminals      

West Coast India  

 1.     Kandla Port, Gujarat State                -    A,B and C Class Petroleum Products
   East Coast India

       2.     Haldia Port, West Bengal State            -    Class C and Non-hazardous cargo

 3.     Paradip Port, Orissa State                   -    Hazardous cargo 

 4.     Kakinada Port, Andhra Pradesh           -    Hazardous cargo



 West Coast India 

 1.      Karwar Port, Karnataka State for   handling  Petroleum C   Class products,  Edible   oils  and      safe chemicals. 

        East Coast India 

  1.      Tuticorin Port, Tamilnadu State  -   Petroleum B & C Class Products, edible oils and safe       chemicals.